After graduation from the UAD Cluj Photography department I worked for years exclusively in the field of advertisement. While I didn’t give up commercial advertising and corporate work presently most of the time I do documentary photography. I work for local NGOs in the field of social intervention and arts. That is what I like the most: to tell stories about bold, bright people and to show what they can do.

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Clients: Accenture, Ambient, Anadolu, Apemin Tusnad, AltArt, Baumix, ColectivA, Deutschen Kulturzentrums Klausenburg, Emerson, Federatia Fabrica de Pensule, Free Comunication, Google, Godmother, GroundFloor Group, Habitat for Humanity, Imagine TACT, Livada Restaurant, Metropolis Group, MOL Romania, Perla Harghitei, Polus Center Cluj, Pata-Cluj, Romaqua, Renault Trucks, Rotary Romania, Tusnad Cycling Team, UMF Cluj, Volvo Trucks, WizzAir, Yonder.

My photos were published in:


  • 10 Years of Temps D’Images.Independence, Experience, Production
  • Of Puppets and Humans by Ciprian Mureșan
  • The Paintbrush Factory
  • A.C.T. Democ(k)racy